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posted 6/21/2019
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Analysis of Genomic Variations with AVIA
Use this tool to evaluate your gene lists obtained through other sources. Here you can compare and contrast two sets of gene lists, view the gene set that ANNOVAR uses to annotate with, or validate gene lists.

For example, if you are looking for a specific set of genes obtained through previous experiments, but one or more genes are not in the RefSeq gene list that we use, they may not be filtered correctly. You can get gene synonyms by entering your genes and using BioDBNet.

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Compare and Contrast Gene Lists

Upload two or enter two gene lists and compare and contrast the two lists. This search is case insensitive unless otherwise specified! Both lists must be in the same format
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Select a compare and contrast method
  Find genes in the first list that are not in the second list
 Find genes in the second list that are not in the first list
 Find genes that are common in both lists