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New Web interface coming soon! We aware of issues with the AVIA visualizations due to changes on our servers; however, annotations are working. Thank you for your patience.
posted 6/21/2019
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AVIA Interactive Results Page

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Analysis of Genomic Variations with AVIA
These are tools to help users perform simple conversions that would be otherwise tedious to do. Most of these tools are available through their respective developers' site or via command line, but can be difficult for some users to use.

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Use UCSC LiftOver tool

Upload coordinates and convert between two builds of the human genome. When using UCSC web tool, it drops coordinates and makes it difficult to map back to the original coordinates. In this tool, we have eliminated the the confusion. You can choose to include all positions or remove those that do not map back. Either way, you will get two sets of coordinates back.

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